Wednesday, 11 June 2008

I am...

This is a random post, and it's late at night so I might not be making sense, but i realised;
there's not one person that I can call my one-and-only best friend and they can honestly say it back.
I'm always a spare wheel.
I feel close to a few people, but none of them feel the same about me.
I really am alone.

How depressing.


  1. nadia.
    i need to tell you something important.
    and it IS important.
    you are not my spare wheel
    you are one of my mainwheels.
    and may possibly be my main wheel at this moment in time.
    i consider YOU to be MY bestfriend.
    i dont know if im yours or not.
    but i need you to realise that i do love you lots. and i do mean that.
    emma xxxxxxx

  2. haha i like ur blog post, it was funny honestly but neva mind dnt b like dat buddy, u r still so y0ung n u can go alot furthur, so neva mind just chill preety..