Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Facebook has some cheek

So I sign into facebook today, to see my general updates.
You know, who's been up to what :)

And I'm faced with this:

Oh no she didn't!!!

Stupid facebook.

PS. It's not all bad. I was cheered up when I saw this:


In all seriousness.

I have friends.
I have quite a few.
Varying levels of friendship, of course.
Old, new, young, old...

But what do I do when I find out something about one of them
And I don't feel like I can be myself around them anymore?

What if I don't really want to be around or trust them anymore?
Or if I feel like I can't?

Someone I know turned out to be someone I would not like to be around.
Someone I trust turned out to be someone I would not like to be dependant on.
Ugh, I really wish that hadn't happened. Or I didn't know.
It would make this so much easier.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Faithless on Glastonbury main stage.

Glasto's got a lot less coverage this year than usual...
Despite it being the 40th anniversary...

Damn the world cup!!

Speaking of which, England v Germany was an atrocity today...
Ironic that the England team can't really play football so well, considering it's the main sport of the country...
Ayy well at least people won't be going on about it all the time now...
And no big screen at prom!
Yay :)

I'm gaining respect for the Faithless keyboardist. Seriously.
I'm talking epic coolness.

Friday, 18 June 2010


I tried to have an internet free day today.
It didn't work.
I just played games in the time I would usually be on facebook.
Oh well, it's what study leave is for :)

My creativity has been soaked up from writing the most epic message so I think this blog post will just have to be nice little snippets and extracts :)

"YAY :) we will have many funtimes i'm telling you :)"
"I'm going to track you down and follow you too! :D heh heh"
"Ha! i hope she got hated on, i didn't like her, she shouted at me for no reason :("
"Even if it's a very random time you remember, just draw a dot on your hand. it'll remind you to remember ;)"

As you can see, it was a very epic message, full of helpful hints and important information

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Hello. Are you a foxy lady?

The Jeremy Kyle show is sponsored by foxy bingo. The one that you want. Apparently.

This show is both awful and brilliant...
The type of people that come on it...
You can't take it seriously though, these situations are ridiculous!
They're actually investigating whether some guy stole some phones. Should this be a chat show issue? Thievery?
They're all arguing because he's defiant that he never stole them but the lie detector test said he did. Ooh it's all kicking off now...
Coming up is a woman who's boyfriend says she sleeps with people for money! Prostitution! This show's getting deep!

At least it's not just random fighting on stage like Jerry Springer...
Though I did catch a gem of an episode the other day :)
The people in America are so much more entertaining than the people in the UK.

This is what I do with my life when I have nothing better to do...


This isn't good :(

I have to wait until 11 EST until I can play the lovely games that are my lifeblood!!
(Life gets sad when you're on study leave.)
That's 5pm UK time. 6 HOURS!

I need to find something else to do with my day...
This could take a while

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Makes me want to run away...

So there was the film "The Runaways" that was made with Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning about Joan Jett. They were filming it about a year ago I think...
The twilight fanbase was buzzing with it. (twilight actors, of course)

But anyway so it was showcased in some film festivals in the USA in January or something and that was way before the official release date of 9th April.
So someone was talking about Joan Jett and I thought I'd check out the film on good old IMDB since I hadn't heard much about it here in jolly old England

Then I saw it.
The release date in the UK is...

...wait for it...

27th AUGUST!!!

What is that about?!?!
It's almost 5 months later!!
That's almost half a year!!!

That's not fair!!!

Why does America get everything earlier??


So I was browsing youtube today and I accidentally found some video about 'Alice' , some show on Syfy.
So I thought I'd chack it out.
Here's what it says about it:

Alice Hamilton is a young, martial arts instructor with commitment issues. At the age of ten, her father left the family without warning or word and it's had long-lasting effect on her. She has high hopes that her new love, Jack Chase, might be "the one" but when he offers her a spectacular engagement ring that has been passed down for generations in Jack's family, true to form, she panics and sends him packing...directly into the arms of a mysterious, well-dressed gang of men who are out to nab Jack and the valuable jewel. Realizing that Jack has slipped the ring into her pocket before leaving, Alice pursues one of his captors, a man in a white suit.

Alice follows the group through a smoky mirrored portal -- a looking glass -- and soon realizes that she has slipped into a parallel universe where the Suits, led by White Rabbit, bring people kidnapped from our world into Wonderland. There, these "Oysters" as they are called, have their memories erased and are held captive in a casino. As they gamble, their extreme emotions of joy, delight, excitement, etc. are drained from them and bottled for consumption by the citizens of Wonderland. By feeding these positive human emotions to her subjects, the Queen of Hearts, like the Roman emperors of old, maintains her stranglehold over Wonderland with her husband, the King of Hearts, at her side.

Desperate to find Jack, Alice enlists the help of the shifty Hatter, who runs the tea shop where Wonderland's denizens get their fix. He takes her to see Dodo, a prime figure in the resistance against the Queen's rule. Unfortunately, things turn sour, as Dodo's zeal leads him to attack Alice and Hatter. Escaping, the duo make their way into the wilderness, where they flee the horrible Jabberwocky and meet the White Knight, the last of an order of warrior-inventors tasked with protecting the now-fallen Kingdom of the Knights.

Unfortunately, the forces aligning against them are formidable. Hearing of Alice's arrival, the Queen suspects she still possesses the ring Jack offered to her. The "Stone of Wonderland" is not only a treasured gem but is also needed to operate the looking glass. Without it, there is no way to control the portal in order to collect new Oysters and maintain her reign. The Queen charges some of Wonderland's more dangerous characters, including her pet assassin Mad March, to capture Alice and retrieve the ring at all costs.

Realizing that her only hope to find Jack is to attempt to deal with the Queen, Alice leaves behind her companions and is captured by Mad March. She's presented to the Queen and offers up the Stone in exchange for Jack...only to be shocked when it's revealed that Jack Chase is actually Jack Heart, the Queen's son! Separated from her friends and under the Queen's power, Alice is left in peril and pondering new mysteries being revealed about her past and her family.

Well. That's completely original and not at all similar to the movies(!)
...Well it is a bit different...
But still!!
I wonder if it's any good...

I might look it up. But I think there's like hundreds of episodes. Not sure I want to watch that many...

We'll see

Teenage Dirtbag

So I'm sitting in the same spot i have been for the past 3 hours...

And a song randomly pops into my head.

"Her name is Noelle, I have a dream about her..."

So, of course, I text the line to someone. Like a normal person would do.
Then I launch into an epic runthrough of this epic song.

So I'm blasting out

And the cat shows up and starts dancing.
I SWEAR it was dancing!


And that's my interesting story of the moment :)

Got to love that song though...

"She doesn't know who I am...
And she doesn't give a damn about me...


And so forth

Love for Lie Ins :)

This is my study leave routine:

  • Wake up at 2pm due to the late night before.
  • Wander downstairs and get a bowl of cereal.
  • Watch a few hours of pointless TV.
  • Turn my laptop on and do random things on the internet (ie. playing games).
  • Eat some other meal.
  • Realise it suddenly got to 5am.
  • Scramble to bed to do it all again.

I live such an eventful life.

Eddie Izzard's on TV

I remember in the election campaign when Lucy Powell got Eddie Izzard to come to Chorlton to help her win :)

He was driving up and down my street with a megaphone for days...

And now he's on TV.

She didn't win though.
Evidently he wasn't enough.

Poor Eddie.

Rubbish films ftw.

You've got to love staying up until the TV shows the random movies that no one would watch at a normal time

Bad films are so much better than normal ones!

I watched one the other day about spinal experiments...
Hugh Grant as the idiot that can't figure out the plot until it's too late.

He's so overly English it annoys me. It's just setting a bad example!

Let's hope there's another brilliant film on tomorrow! ;)

Night :)

Study Leave!

Ahh the good old time for relaxin' and kickin' back ;)

What better to do than blog?

Revision, the voice in my head whispers
Err no. Course not. :)

The date is ripe for the pickin'! (Whatever that means)

So anyway,
I hath returneth!

Keep your eyes peeled!
(But don't actually peel your eyes, because that would be foolish. And painful.)

Later, peoples!!