Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Makes me want to run away...

So there was the film "The Runaways" that was made with Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning about Joan Jett. They were filming it about a year ago I think...
The twilight fanbase was buzzing with it. (twilight actors, of course)

But anyway so it was showcased in some film festivals in the USA in January or something and that was way before the official release date of 9th April.
So someone was talking about Joan Jett and I thought I'd check out the film on good old IMDB since I hadn't heard much about it here in jolly old England

Then I saw it.
The release date in the UK is...

...wait for it...

27th AUGUST!!!

What is that about?!?!
It's almost 5 months later!!
That's almost half a year!!!

That's not fair!!!

Why does America get everything earlier??

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