Friday, 27 August 2010

Taylor Momsen

I don't get it.

Okay, so she plays Jenny Humphrey in Gossip Girl.
She's a model.
She has a band - The Pretty Reckless.

An amazing friend recommended her to me as a 'person to watch' so I thought I'd give her a shot.
She's certainly watch-able enough on Gossip Girl.

I heard that she formed a band a while ago but after releasing a demo CD decided to fire the entire band for not being the right sound for her. Then she finally put together this lot and got a record deal as soon as she was ready.
Already I'm a little apprehensive.

So anyway, I watched her video for her band.
"Miss Nothing".

Oh dear god.
The girl is 17.
She's 6 months older than me. That's it. 6 months!

Now I'm not one to be prude but what the hell?!
She practically writhes about on the table.

Okay yes, she looks amazing. Her look is fantastic.
But why?!
Just, why?!
What's the need?!

Apparently she got axed from Gossip Girl because of 'creative differences'.
Yeah. We know what THAT means.

Sorry, I just can't do it.

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  1. Hmm... She reminds me a really young Courtney Love during her hole phase before the drugs took a toll.

    P.S. Found you through miss bimbo.