Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Oh dear.

I definitely got myself in far too deep this summer. I find myself staring at pictures of him, even if he's just in the corner of them. I have no idea how he feels about it - whether now I'm gone he's going to move on to someone else or actually stick with what he's in. It was so nice being together so much this summer but it really seems like it did more harm than good. For me, at least. Especially since once we didn't have to see each other so much we didn't.

He did come out for my last night even when he said he might not. I have a tiny feeling he made himself available on purpose, based on past experience. But then again maybe not.

Ugh it's so ridiculous that he's still on my mind after I got with other people and now have moved away. I think I just need to actually move on. Time will help, too.

(Just got to try and find myself someone now I'm here! Not sure how since I'm pretty sure just meeting in a club isn't the perfect set up and I won't be working here, but I'm sure something will come up. Need to go out more to meet people, obviously.)

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