Friday, 9 July 2010

It's Eclipse time!!

So I went to see Eclipse with the lovely Emma Myers today. It's our tradition.
We go to see the twilight films on the day they come out. And we sit in the same seats. And we throw popcorn.
It's an amazing tradition.

I usually have to watch the film twice before I can form a proper opinion. The first time, I'm just comparing it to the book and picking holes in it to laugh about.
It's quite fun.

So I'm not quite sure about it as a film. But as a companion to the book?
Well they missed a lot out. And the special parts from the book they didn't miss out? Well, they weren't explained very well. They sort of ended up more as a special part for those who have read it that others wouldn't exactly understand...

But there's a lot to laugh at. There always seems to be. Unintentional funny.
It's usually at how ridiculously awful Robert Pattinson's acting is, especially with Kristen Stewart's ridiculous performance alongside it.
I'll say one thing, the cinema would most definitely have hated us by the end, after we burst out laughing at random moments.

At least Taylor Lautener was looking good :)
(or TLautz as... well no one calls him. I made it up as a compliment to RPattz and KStew ;) )
Though the dramatic music and slow motion as he made his entrance was a little too much...

Like I said, lots of funny

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