Tuesday, 29 November 2011

I'm trying to pretend you didn't hurt me.

I know I'm lying to myself. To everyone around me. And I'm not fooling anyone.
You've really hurt me. I keep seeing you around and it genuinely affects me. You don't even care that I exist. I'm not even worth a conversation, am I? You replied and then you stopped. And you wondered why I was surprised?!
But I don't want to be that girl. The one who can get hurt because of a stupid failed relationship. I'm stronger than that. I have bigger issues to worry about. If more serious things don't affect me, why can this?
I know a main part of why you hurt me was the way this whole thing panned out. This ended exactly the same way I said it would. Right at the beginning. And you all told me I was being stupid and paranoid and cynical about the world. How could I experience life if I didn't give you a chance? Pshh. They didn't realise I had you figured out. But nonetheless you all wore me down until I let you in. And it ended the exact way I expected.
I hope you're happy the way you are. I hope you at least got some enjoyment out of this whole thing. A little closure, that's all I wanted, but you're clearly not up for that. One conversation. I have so much to say to you but clearly you're too coward to hear it. I don't expect anything to change, just to get these things off my chest so I can move on.
For someone who doesn't like it when people don't like you, you sure have a lot of enemies. And I'm not surprised. You can't treat people the way you do and then pull out the vulnerable card when it seems like it's going to go wrong. I don't care what your stupid issue was, you owed me the respect of a conversation. But no.
I'm going to get this conversation out of you, even if it means cornering you in a stairwell. No way are you going to carry on like this.

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