Thursday, 1 August 2013

How much of mood is a self-fulfilling prophecy?

It's apparently proven that just forcing yourself to think happier thoughts can make you happier; so is it the same with all moods? If you convince yourself that you feel a certain way, to what extent would it actually work?

It seems like a silly question; how can you convince yourself to not care about something when you really do for instance? That's simply denial and usually comes back to haunt you and I have unfortunately learnt a few times... Although even when you're happy you can bring your mood down just by thinking of something else that's not such a pleasant idea.

So to what extent can you really switch your mood around? If you tell yourself you're unhappy, do you just become that way? Can you pick and choose the way that you feel it? Or do you end up sending yourself down a spiral once the damage is done?

The human race has a habit of wallowing; usually in self-pity. Usually a bad mood becomes perpetuated and worsened just by thinking about it. That's why most peoples' methods of getting out of them involve distracting their minds until it gets pushed aside again.

So maybe that's the only extent to which we can control our emotions; with distractions and overthinking. Although this means that we can only really impact ourselves in a negative way and in order to stop feeling so shit all the time the best plan is just to not bother thinking, really. I'm sure it's a well regarded thing that the ignorant are the happiest. Not as much thinking; of course.

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