Thursday, 8 September 2011

This is the most secure I've felt in a while.

I completely believe that dreams tell us so much about our subconscious and how we really feel. I really have worked through a lot of personal stuff by listening to my dreams.

I had one of the most hopeful dreams I've had in a while the other night. It was really nice and it's stuck with me. I mean, for the entire thing I was completely distressed and practically bawling and screaming, but the difference was that at the end, there were actually people who were worried about me.

I know there were a lot of other issues in it I need to deal with, but the end has really stuck with me. Usually in dreams I'm by myself, but in this one there were people - only about 4 or so but it was still amazing - who were actually worried for me and caring. I guess it shows how much better I've been feeling lately.

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