Thursday, 25 October 2012

I don't know why I don't feel guilty.

In the slightest.

I mean, technically what I've done is something I always thought I was above; something I thought I had the decency to avoid.

But then again I always thought you had more decency than to do what you've been doing.

I guess I feel the closure in my mind; we're over. We have been for weeks. In my mind, we ended that weekend I came back, and absolutely everyone told me I needed to end it. That was the closing point.

Not to mention my hormones have been going insane, thanks to you. If anything I guess I can say it's partly your fault, since these raging hormones are your doing. Can't help it if I can't find anyone else, right?

But no, I definitely don't feel guilty. I regret nothing, also. I actually really enjoyed it. Kind of awkwardly, I'm trying to find ways for it to happen again...

I'm sorry I've done this to you I guess. But I can't help but feel like you've brought it on yourself. You couldn't let me go; so I wandered as far as I could. It's not like I'm willing to be unhappy just to placate you; I never have and definitely don't work that way now.

So man up. Either cut the shit - which is highly unlikely - or just let me get what needs to happen over with.

It's the best solution to make sure few people get hurt.

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