Thursday, 25 October 2012

really don't know what's up with you

Or why I even care. What's up with me?!

Idk if it's just me wanting someone on tap that I know I can have, or the whole hard to get aspect, or I'm just being clingy. All I know is that it happened because of my stupid hormones so I got a little overexcited...

But this is frustrating! Text me back goddamn it! It's not that hard! I'd feel just a little less rejected!

I don't even understand where you're at. You come to me and tell me you want me, but then 0 communication after. Although idk if I mind so much, considering your situation. Don't want to push it too far...

And you're yoyoing between personalities. One minute you're all there and ready to go, and the next you're trying to be as distant as possible. I don't exactly remember Friday, and I don't plan on bringing it up until after next Thursday or when we're both drunk, but if it genuinely was all me then I'm sorry. Everything seemed alright until that happened...

It kind of feels like it was that which messed everything up, in both situations.

I guess I'm just not used to how this works; I kind of assumed it wasn't a hit it a quit it kind of situation considering it didn't exactly go that far... But I was clearly wrong.

I need to assume you're both off on your own business and forget about you both and move on. Before I get more roped in.

Ugh. Dicks. Seriously how to even deal.

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