Monday, 18 February 2013

I just scrolled through the tumblr of someone who used to be my best friend for 4 hours.

I haven't even spoken to her in years and I had no idea all this shit was going on in her life. She was hospitalised 2 years ago and she's been to counselling ever since. She's now on anti-depressants.

It's so hard to believe that this girl who used to be the one person who could make me laugh no matter what and was the happiest person I knew can end up so sad. I don't even know how she managed to change so much and I didn't even notice.

I understand people drift apart but it feels so strange to realise she's been through all this since I knew her.

I have so much work to do but that's nowhere near on my mind right now; I just keep going over it in my head.

It makes me wonder if environment can dictate this sort of thing though. When we were 14 she was the one hanging out with all the stoners and drinkers on Urbis every weekend; she was the one going out and trying all these drugs. The kind of people she hung around with were the kind of people who developed issues. It makes me wonder if, much the same as what sort of happened to me, just company can influence these kind of issues... Or maybe it really is a consequence of the drugs...

It's just so amazing that someone can go through so much shit in 2 years.

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