Thursday, 15 November 2012

It's really quite amazing

When you realise exactly how many teenagers self harm.

I don't know if it just happens to be the people I know; but a high majority of them do or have done it before.

And it's strange because it's talked about as this thing that only the small percentage of people turn to...

Perhaps it's the way society teaches us to think of it; a lot of the time I do believe people use it as some way to get attention

And whilst I hold attention seekers with nothing but contempt, I guess you can't ignore what they're doing for it.

It's sort of an internal dilemma of mine whether to give those such people the time of day when I know the real damage that causes it as a coping mechanism more than anything else. In that perspective it kind of disgusts me.

But then again the only reason you'd have to think of them needing help for it is if you think it's an altogether terrible thing; which I can't quite do right now.

It's a way of coping; same as so many other things like smoking or comfort eating. And if someone is choosing to do it for another reason aren't they kind of making fun of it as a way of coping? Aren't they trying to mock it, in a way?

Or maybe it's just manipulation of people's sympathies.

I dunno, this hasn't really made much sense.

I guess both self harm and attention seekers are on my mind at the moment.

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