Friday, 16 November 2012


Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh.

I could really do it right now.

What the FUCK do you think is going on here?! Do you really understand HOW LONG you've been doing this?! Do you really think this is a result of other people being selfish? REALLY?!

It actually sickens me. Like, genuinely. Even more so that you're trying to convince other people of it too. What the fuck?

It's so unacceptable it's untrue.

If this is genuinely how you see the situation then you are seriously fucking deluded.

That you even have the NERVE to start complaining about people not dropping the littlest thing to come and sit with you whilst you complain about absolutely nothing? It's ridiculous!

And then what's worse is when people call you out on it you STILL don't see it! How does that even work?!

You assume everyone else is doing as little as you. You think everyone just sits around doing nothing all day so why WOULDN'T they be able to come see you at the drop of a hat and do whatever you want them to do? Why WOULDN'T they want to spend time helping you through your stupid pointless non-issues? Why WOULDN'T you be the person they'd want to see most of all?

You're so self centred and selfish it's insane. How is it possible someone can think so much of themself and yet STILL not get it?! It's beyond comprehension to me, it really is.

So what, after 2 months of this bullshit people finally got fed up and started ignoring you and you're getting pissed off about it? You got a fucking 2 month allowance! That's more than most people get! And you're still not happy!

You had two weeks of her dropping everything for you and you still weren't satisfied. It's no fucking surprise that she's stopped! Hell, I gave up after a few days; I admire her patience!

Do you really think you're a bearable person to be around when you're acting like this? Do you really think you're someone that people consider good company?

It's hilarious to think that all last weekend when you were putting on your stupid display, everyone was just laughing at you. I wonder how you'd feel if you realised that this has just become a joke to all these people you know.


If you genuinely have something to whine about; deal with it by yourself like everyone else does. If someone offers advice without you asking; accept it. But NEVER expect it. Never. It's the number one fucking rule of life.

But you don't. In a very brilliant quote you're "bitching and moaning about nothing". And it's true. Like he said; if there was something really up, you wouldn't make excuses. You wouldn't put on this charade. You'd get the fuck on with life because you'd realise that's what you do.

It just baffles me that you're still sat there expecting these people that you have abused the patience of to find an unlimited supply more of it for you. For them to keep waiting on you hand and foot until you get bored of this palaver. People don't work that way! You can't use people that way!

And the way you said "Oh I drop everything for my friends but I guess that's not how it works"
You've never had to drop everything for a friend for TWO FUCKING MONTHS STRAIGHT have you?! People have their own LIVES to lead! You got a massive chunk of their fucking time; they probably paid you back way more than you ever gave them because you're fucking useless at helping when someone's feeling shit anyway.

I just can't deal with you and your ignorance and your selfishness.

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