Thursday, 27 October 2011

I wish Facebook would stop telling me you're online.

It's not like it's allowing me to forget the fact you're practically blanking me. I don't WANT to be stressing about it as much as I am; please stop shoving it in my face.

I'm fairly sure I'm not being paranoid here. I allowed for that, but this is ridiculous. This is more than that time you stopped talking to me; and that was obviously purposeful. In fact, I think we talked more then.
You've clearly not been too busy, since you found enough time to go out last night anyway. And you're not even responding to messages which get sent directly to you - ergo this is purposeful.

What is even going on here? Was this the idea all along? Reel me in and then laugh as you threw me back? What? Or maybe you just got bored. Already. If so, I have to say I'm impressed.

But I'm not going to be pushed around like this. I have every right to be annoyed, and I will be. You should know I'm not going to take this sort of treatment lying down. I'm not just a convenience for you; around when it's suitable. To think I actually believed you when you said this was important to you...

Pshh maybe things were going too well; I'm not allowed any sort of happiness for long.

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