Sunday, 30 October 2011

Your 'We need to talk' isn't so scary when I've spent the week preparing.

You can't honestly believe I expected this week to be ignored like a blip. We both knew whilst it was happening that it showed a pretty big problem going on here. If you hadn't said something, I would have. Eventually.

It's a good thing I spent this week getting my detachment back. Because otherwise your little revelation probably would have ended up putting me in a pretty deep rut. But it's good, because I went through my rut on my own. No one around to wonder why, or even notice all that much. And I went through it pre-emptively, meaning it hurts a lot less.

And it's a good thing you realised you wanted out sooner rather than later. Well, even sooner probably would have been nicer for me, but it's all good. This week was actually just what I needed, clearly, to protect myself from whatever you're next planning to hit me with.

It means I actually get out of this relatively okay.

And I can have the victory of being right about the whole thing. Again.

I just wish you hadn't told me now. My focus is all gone from where I buried it in my work. Damn you.

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