Friday, 14 December 2012


I'm glad I somehow managed to cheer myself up a tiny bit. I guess a bit of human interaction was what I needed, just to remember that even I guess superficial relationships are better than nothing. Also I realised tumblr text posts help me forget whatever is going on in my life for a tiny while whilst I chuckle.

It was pretty good timing that you wanted to come out when you did, I was too scared to ask in case I felt clingy. And I'm sorry I guess I cut it short but I was cold :/

It's weird though. That I can talk to him more easily than with you. I don't know if it's just a coincidence because of the timing or if it's tension or just generally conversational styles... I'd always kind of thought it but it was weird to see it plain in front of me.

I might be looking into it too much. But it kind of felt like you were a little more open after he left... Idk.

However it kind of put this stuff into perspective a bit. I think.

This makes no sense. MIND JUMBLE.

I wonder if anything will happen tomorrow. It seems unlikely if you're leaving on Saturday but who knows...

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