Sunday, 16 December 2012

It already feels like you've left

Even though you're just next door. I'd be so tempted to have asked to stay over tonight as well but I guess three nights in a week is asking too much... Also, we're not drunk and you're leaving early.

I wish I remembered what happened last night. It feels like nothing much but then again I was not clothed when I woke up so something must have...

I'm definitely going to miss the prospect of having you around. I like our little arrangement! And who knows what it'll be like when we get back. Nothing the same, I'm sure of it. 3 weeks is plenty to rethink the whole thing.

It's weird how down the thought of you not being around makes me feel. Maybe it's more what my hormones think about the prospect of not having a guy to release themselves on... I'm even tempted to stay up until you leave so we can have one last cig together. But that's probably a bad idea. We already said bye.

Ugh I wish I knew where you stood. Am I being irrational here? What's wrong with me?!

Jeez I really didn't think I was going to miss uni so much over this break but I already kinda don't want to leave. It might just be because the past week or so has been so laid back and obviously, our new thing has been a very nice pick me up.

I just realised I started moaning about life last night. Oh god! I must have completely freaked you out! No one wants to listen to someone moaning! Much less be friends with someone who does! I'm an idiot.

Wish I could get a hug from you though. Or just anyone I guess... But you give good hugs.
Hey, I do have a key to your house... :P

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