Thursday, 20 December 2012

What the fuck do you think gives you the right?!

I have had ENOUGH.

I really cannot be arsed with this shit anymore. What so you think telling every tom dick and harry stuff I say is completely acceptable?

Fuck you.

And I'll have you know I beat you to the whole saying we were already broken up shit. So ha.

It's funny because I have this little gem of information I know will KILL you. But obviously if I fired it then everyone else would say I'm out of order. Bloody morals.

You're a fucking prick. What the hell makes you think you're completely within your right to assume I even WANT to be with you any longer? Jeez dude, just because I'm actually talking to you means NOTHING.

And yeah sure, it'll be nice to know that this whole thing is going to be easier because you've 'come to terms with it', but for god's sake! Yes okay maybe I wanted to be selfish and think that you'd be upset without me, so sue me. At least I'm not as reliant on it as I was before!

And the fact you're just going off to other people you've only just met "oh I'll be single soon" FUCK OFF.

And the funniest part is the whole "I really don't see anything after Christmas" thing, like seriously? Do you really think this is all your decision?? You're trying to be so superior it makes me sick. Oh yeah like you're taking the high road, the objective situation, you're seeing what's best. Shut the fuck up.

This was MY FUCKING IDEA so shut up trying to save face to all these random strangers that really do NOT need to know my business.

I swear to god I'm so likely to lose it.

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